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Revision CV

Caliber: 12 GAUGE / Capacity: 1 Round (5-Pack)

Caliber: 12 GAUGE / Capacity: 1 Round (5-Pack)

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• DESIGN ADVANTAGES: Designed to firmly hold each shell, but also allows for quick and easy detachment. Holder clamp design will not lose retention with repeated use, unlike elastic loop carriers.

• INSTALLATION: Holders can attach directly to shotgun or rifle with hardwood, plastic or laminated wood gunstocks. Pre-drill screw hole locations with 1/16” drill-bit and attach Ammo Holders with screws (screws are included).

• APPLICATION AND USE: Keep ammunition organized and accessible. Modular concept allows for custom layout configurations for multiple applications (hunting, tactical, survival, precision, competition, training, storage).

• MANUFACTURING: Injection molded with high-strength engineered thermoplastic for durability and performance. Made in the USA!!!

Revision CV Ammo Holders provides an organized system for quickly securing and accessing your ammunition. Holders can be attached to rifle and shotgun buttstock, forearms or any hardwood, plastic or laminated wood surface.

No more elastic straps that can lose retention over time. No more loose ammunition in pockets or pouches. The ideal accessory for single-shot or breech loading firearms where bullets need to be quickly accessible. Can also replace cowboy style bullet bandolier application.
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