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12/4/2017: Announcing the REVISION CV AMMO POD!!!.
Speed Loader for North American Arms (NAA) .22 Magnum Mini Revolvers. The Revision CV (RCV) Ammo Pod provides an advantage from carrying loose ammunition or a bulkier speed loader for your revolver firearms.

Primary functions of Revision CV Ammo Pod.
1. Ammunition container: RCV Ammo Pods provides a clean and organize option for carrying extra ammunition for your revolvers. A durable plastic housing and rubberized cap, minimizes ammunition exposure to contaminants (e.g. lint, dirt, dust). Openings on the plastic housing allows for quick visual verification if the Ammo Pod is full or empty.

2. Ammunition loading: By simply aligning and pushing down, RCV Ammo Pods are designed to quickly drop a full load of ammunition into your revolver firearm. The simple design and operation ensures reliability.

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