RevisionCV offers product development and manufacturing services for plastic and wood components. Utilize RevisionCV's expertise in injection molding and woodworking to avoid costly mistakes and setback when bringing your next product to market.

Price quote will be provided for all services before work begins. RevisionCV can provide NDA to ensure intellectual properties are never disclose without authorization.

Customer base: Inventors, start-ups, small businesses


DESIGN: 3D models for conceptual and visualization

PROTOTYPING: Proof of concept. Fit and form testing.

ENGINEERING: Stress analysis. Material selection.

DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING: Modifications to design to improve efficiency and quality during manufacturing.

TECHNICAL/SHOP DRAWINGS: For manufacturing and quality control.

MANUFACTURING: RevisionCV has in-house CNC manufacturing capabilities for prototype and small production runs.

ADDITIONAL MANUFACTURING SERVICES: RevisionCV partners with domestic woodworking and injection molding manufacturer to develop solutions to allow effective outsourcing options for labor intensive processes e.g. rework, sorting, assembly and packaging.

For inquires or to request a quote, please send email to